Saturday, July 24, 2010

News in today’s Dispatch

Here are a couple articles from today’s Casa Grande Dispatch..  Remember to click on the photo to enlarge it.  Then hold down your control key and click the + key to make the print larger.  Hold down control key and – key to reduce it again.

Eegee’s Restaurant opens this Sunday.  I’m not familiar with the chain, but it sounds like an Applebees type of place.


Remember a day or two ago when I commented that the outlet mall was becoming desserted?  Liz Clairborne was about the only store left.  Now they’re closing too!


I don’t know if the bus station will affect anyone, but there’s news about it moving to Florence Blvd.


Hmmmm….looks like the Paramount Threatre in old town is going to try something new.  A wine bar??  Sounds interesting.  Will keep my ears on alert for more news as it is released……just in case you know of any wine drinkers that may be interested. 


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