Thursday, July 01, 2010

Still having fun

Summer has arrived.  Triple digits are here every day and it only cools down to the 80s by night.  I can still ride my bike in the EARLY morn and, of course, the swimming pool (although the water is quite warm) is still available in evenings.

That doesn’t dampen our spirits, however, as there are still fun things to do indoors.  Yesterday afternoon was an ice cream social.  I thought group photos would get dull after a while but I hear back from so many readers that its always nice to see who is in attendance.  Thus, I took more photos of us “desert rats” who stay here through summer.

blog 001 blog 002 blog 003It’s always nice to remember those who help set up the events.

blog 004After our ice cream treats, many of us gals head over to the San Tan room to play cards for the afternoon.  The game of choice is usually ponytail canasta….why so named, I shall never know.  Billie Huntley(seated at center) is our fearless leader, source of inspiration, and ever vigilant score keeper.   Thank you, Billie, for keeping this rowdy crew under control.

blog 007

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