Friday, July 30, 2010

Meat Casserole Dinner

Eureka!  Another night of friendly chatter and wonderful food!!  Thank you again, Diane Gaines, for scheduling our summer activities. 

casserole night 002

Diane and Linda Balzan whipped up the salad for all of us…..romaine lettuce, cranberry/raisin thingies, walnuts, mandarin oranges and a delicious dressing to top it off.  It was a great start to the main food line where participants brought delicious casseroles to share.  These dinners are frustrating because I want to taste each of the dishes.  Even taking a very small spoonful of each is overwhelming……..and so delicious.  We all keep saying that we wish we had the recipes.  Diane has volunteered to make up a summer recipe book but I’m afraid we’ve all been too lazy to take her up on the offer as she announced  that not many cards have been submitted.

casserole night 001 Then for dessert, Linda created a masterpiece of a razzleberry cobbler accompanied by a scoop of ice cream.  WOW….was that awesome!  I don’t know what razzleberry really is….but I loved it!

You’ll always see familiar faces in these photos because of the dedicated volunteers who help with the set up, clean up, and dirty dishes.  Rex and Peggy Fetzer, Linda and Roger Balzan, Diane and Jim Gaines, Gladys and Bob DeBonville, and oft times Connie Morin, Bonnie Rode, and ME. 

casserole night 005 Name tags are required at all events….even in the summer.  Bill Wrightson forgot his so was assigned the job of clearing tables and helping with clean up.  I bet he remembers the badge next time!  (Actually, working at these events is FUN.  It’s a great way to meet more people and get involved in the activities.)

casserole night 009

Believe it or not…..I actually dug out my umbrella to carry along last night in case it rained.  The sky was full of ominous clouds and we got enough rain to get the streets wet but still no gushing cloud bursts.  I saw on the news that Phoenix got wet but our storms seem to be so isolated in Arizona that you never know who gets the rain and who stays dry.  It’s really weird. 

casserole night 008

casserole night 007 casserole night 006

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