Monday, July 26, 2010

Sam’s Club

This article made the front page of today’s Dispatch!!!  Finally we have some answers.  (Remember to click on the article to enlarge it.  Once it opens in another window, you can enlarge it even more by holding down the control key and hit the + sign.  Hold control and hit – to make it smaller again.)  Then use your browser back button to return to the blog.
sam1 sam2 Most of you have seen the Ashley Furniture store that opened in the plaza by Fry’s supermarket.  The old Wal-Mart store in that same plaza has been converted into the ROOM STORE and is now open for business also.  Many of us used to  travel up to Ahwatuki  (forget trying to spell that word)….to the Chandler area to shop for furniture.  Now with these two stores plus Sam’s on the way, we can avoid a lot of that ugly Hiway 10 traffic and just stay in Casa Grande where everything is conveniently located. 
While you’re shopping in that plaza, be sure to stop in at McMashers sports bar for a delicious hamburger.  I know the owners and think they’re great community minded people! 
We “almost” had some rain last night.  We could see the rain on the horizon but again…it didn’t arrive in Casa Grande. 
I haven’t been to Eegees yet to see what their menu is like but did visit their cute website at  It looks like another Subway or Quiznos type of place.  Here’s a photo from their website menu.
The Culver’s Restaurant the newspaper article above refers to is another same type of menu.  I wonder when we’ll finally get a good Outback type of place where we can get a good steak!!

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