Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Triple Temps

Okay...............the triple temps are upon us for at least the next full week.  It is still predicted to cool down to the mid 70s at night though so that makes our mornings really nice.  We will arise EARLY and enjoy waking with the birds for the rest of summer.

Speaking of the birds.............our many many doves are doing their best to keep their breed in abundance.  We spy nests and baby birds daily.  

We are supposed to water these potted cactus each month when we visit a house on our rounds.  We skipped the water this morning though as mama dove would not budge from her nest.  We have a soft heart so didn't disturb her.

Summer work has begun on the golf course.  We see them plugging the greens on the front nine today.

Amazing Dental has really devoted advertising efforts to our park.  They not only sponsored the Cinco event but also our Monday coffee.  Thank you, Andrea.

Another nice turn out!

Maryann Brown and Andrea from Amazing Dental


I always seem to post photos when the cats are misbehaving so I took a quick photo of Mouse as he was finishing his lunch.  I bet he still wonders what he's doing wrong because that's usually when I get the camera out.


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