Sunday, May 06, 2018

Happy Cinco Day

We had a FUN Cinco celebration yesterday thanks in part to Andrea from Amazing Dental.  She even brought up most of her staff to enjoy the day.

Over 175 tickets were sold so we had a huge crowd for this time of year.

Bob and Robin always ready to assist.

This hard-working lady had the taco making job outdoors.
Lunch was served by a new restaurant in Coolidge called Jalapeno. It was a good Mexican meal.

The Mariachi band was OUTSTANDING! Great music to fit the occasion.  We were all very impressed with the trumpet man who was also a Fantastic singer!  He certainly drew a lot of applause.


We had a new experience with our housewatch program on Friday.  We received a call from the office saying someone walking past 1872 reported a bird trying to get out of a window.  What???  We were just there for an inspection the day previous and didn't see a bird inside.

Sure enough.  When we approached we could see the poor little woodpecker trapped inside.

He obviously was smart enough to peck a whole through the styrofoam to get to the window.

Don gently pulled away the screen.

The little guy rested for a moment and then made one FAST beeline for the open door.
Crisis was solved.  We got permission from Pete and Linda Reynolds to post the story.

The bird must have followed us in the day previous when we were there for inspection.  
He remains a mystery but gave us some excitement to talk about.


Occasionally, we must stop for traffic in the summer time.

It's always quite sad to see the flowers disappear.  The summer sun just bakes them though so they have to go.

Every time I think I've seen every kind of cactus there is............I come across a new one.  Isn't this a weird creature!


My printer says there is a paper jam.  I wonder how that happened??

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