Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Tapas Tuesday

I stopped in at the weekly Tapas Tuesday event to take photos of the folks attending so you could see who is still among us.

Evening and morning temps are still in the 60s and the triple digits are nearing so we're still enjoying our weather.  Afternoons are a great time to head in doors and keep each other company.

Our hard-working landscape crew has started with the annual tree trimming routine.  They started with the entrance street this year.  With all the bushes gone and the trees trimmed, our entry way really looks nice!

Although it was quite windy today, Don took Maverick out for a ride over the new section so you could see that the "green belt" is definitely under construction.

Tom and Mary Williams taking their golf bags for a stroll.  

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  1. Thanks for the updated video of the green belt. It is already looking good. Lots of new houses!

    Steve #567


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