Thursday, May 17, 2018

Acrylic Pour and More

Acrylic Pour Class by Sue Belding - Wed May 16, 2018
Sue took a group of faithful followers on the art of doing an Acrylic Pour. Like witches brewing up a magic potion, Sue walked them thru the entire process, creating a a beautiful potion which they poured over canvas and some did large stones. Thank you Sue for introducing this to many of us. (Photos copied from Nextdoor.)

Our morning weather has been absolutely ideal.  Nice cool upper 60s and lots of sunshine and fresh air.  It heats up fast after about 10:00 but these early mornings are precious.

We see Kevin and Kathy Root out for their morning exercise.

The saguaros are in full bloom this time of year.

New houses spring up like weeds.  We're expecting over 20 new installations this summer.

Wonderful forecast.  I don't complain until we hit triple digits.

The doves, of course, don't care what the day brings as they're very busy growing more doves.

Our crews continue work on the golf course.

It's just another day for Mouse.  He's resting up from a recent race through the house with his buddy, Kat.

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