Saturday, May 26, 2018

More Green Belt Progress

Lots more plants, trees, and shrubs arriving to be planted along the green belt.

Oleanders are being planted all along the streets.  They're cute spindly little twigs right now so it will be fun watching them grow over summer.

Work continues on the block wall on the perimeter.

Still installing more sprinkler system.

Construction continues on the new houses already in place.

 Another 25,000 square feet of sod has arrived.

A crew of six are unloading and laying each (Heavy!!) roll.
(Advil anyone??)

Watch them in action.

Came across Dave and Sam discussing world events. 

The girls still gather for Pegs & Jokers every Thursday.

Mouse still finds comfortable resting places.  He seems to prefer anywhere in the house other than the $40 expensive cat bed we bought for him.  We now use that bed for a toy box. 

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