Sunday, December 10, 2017

Yummy Breakfast

Yes.....Santa and his elves were at work again Friday morning as they whipped up a delicious breakfast meal for us!

We had heavenly light fluffy pancakes filled with lots of yummy blueberries, a whole pile of bacon, and a delectable skewer of fresh several fruit juices to choose from....and, of course, hot fresh coffee.

Congratulations to Robin Perry and Marion Nelson for AGAIN managing a delightful meal from that tiny mobile kitchen.  

Marty and Yenifer assured we had plenty to eat.


I like to spotlight some of our local vendors when they've done outstanding work for us.  We needed some additional outdoor lighting so we could see the grill area at night now that it gets dark so early.  Hubbard Electric is a local contractor and does a great job.
Tell him the Heplers sent you.  😀


Our two adopted felines look so innocent and lovable. 

But when Don settles into his easy chair and covers with an afghan for a nice cozy nap, they seem to think it's time to wrestle.  I laugh every time!

No chance of sleeping till the rumble is over.  😉

So how is our training program going?? 
We have spray bottles in all the crucial places around the house.  Surely that will deter the furry critters from climbing where they don't belong.

Mouse insists that he is NOT ON the kitchen table because he is careful to use a place mat.  The spray bottle doesn't seem to bother him if no one is holding it.

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