Friday, December 15, 2017

Sewing Room Opens Today!

We were quietly playing cards in an adjacent room when we heard a huge roar of applause coming from the room where at least 100+ ladies were packed in to attend their weekly sewing meeting.

Being an inquisitive reporter, I rushed over to hear about their good news.  It had just been announced that their long awaited sewing room would be open that afternoon.

It wasn't long after that meeting that activity began in the beloved sewing room.

I swear that our sewing guild is a true sisterhood of devoted women who love to sew and create items for family, loved ones, and especially for needy folks in the community.

Their group has a multitude of specialties from quilting, sewing, needle work, special projects, and they conduct many classes throughout the season.

While the sewers and quilters are busy in their area, some of the rest of us enjoy some quiet (or not so quiet) games in the card room.  It seems to be open game time in the Adobe room every afternoon.

Mexican Train Dominoes

Hand and Foot 

Pony tail canasta

Pegs & Jokers
 Our group of Pegs & Jokers players took time to celebrate Avis Gray's birthday.

Happy Birthday, Avis.


Kat & Mouse Tails

I'm simply awe struck by the GREAT gift I received from a friend yesterday.  Check out this masterpiece!!

What a fantastic gift!!!  I will carry it everywhere!!
I believe Karen must watch the blog to know about the cats.
Thank you Karen!!!!

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