Wednesday, December 06, 2017


As the season gets busier and busier, my time at the computer dwindles.  I'll try for a couple times a week but I can't guarantee a daily posting anymore.

Ramp to the sewing room.

 Should soon be ready for occupancy.

New houses arriving.

Pro Shop is getting stocked.  Will (hopefully) be ready for Monday opening.

Lots of nice merchandise for you to choose from.

Nice paved patio behind the pro shop. 

So much underground work to get things connected.

Our wonderful housekeeping staff.
Carol, Lupe, Maria, Chellea

Starting to pave some of the streets at the north 40.

Beautiful day for the Lawn Bowlers to be out.

Works of art on display in the Glass Shop.

Thank you to Gym Flader for his devoted hours.

Construction continues around the ballroom.

New stage.


Kat & Mouse Tails:

All remains as usual.  
Mouse continues to tear apart any sheets of paper he can find.

Kat insists on helping to fold the laundry so it takes me at least twice as long.

I guess I might as well give up any thoughts of making jewelry as all those little pieces of chain and beads are way too tempting for kitten paws.

Sometimes things are peaceful though. 

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