Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Ballroom Pre-Opening Tour

The clock is ticking and the countdown has begun to get the ballroom expansion finished enough to hold the crowd for the New Years Eve dance on Sunday, December 31.  Jim Dawson took us on a guided tour this afternoon.

We started at the front entrance and had to be careful of the fresh concrete curb that had just been put in place.

The foyer will be quite impressive with comfortable chairs, furniture, and fixtures.

Try to visualize all the wiring, plumbing, and air ducts tucked under those ceiling panels.

Restrooms will be available on either side of the foyer.  I think I counted six stalls plus a nice big handicap access.

Mirrors will be installed over the sinks

Special 'cut-back' sinks were installed to allow handicap access.  Panels still to be put in place.

In addition, there is what is called a "family" bathroom which is not gender specific by new federal law.

The ballroom itself is HUGE!

This is the entrance to the kitchen or serving area.  Tile flooring is installed in this area to protect from heavy traffic (all those breakfasts, etc.) & potential spills.

There is a large serving window plus a short wall.  Serving tables can be placed along the front of the wall and service tables behind the wall.

LOTS of kitchen equipment!

Storage shelves for utensils and supplies.

A giant potato peeler!

Washing station.  All sinks in the area will run through the big grease traps installed underground behind the building.  Those traps will be cleaned 3-4 times per year.

Sprayer hose to rinse the DISHES.  We'll be serving on REAL dishes this year!


Warming ovens to keep our food hot.

An isolated trash area just outside the back door.  The gates can be kept closed but opened when the truck comes to empty the dumpsters.

Ovens & warmers.

Big Grill

Frying station for french fries, onion rings, etc.

I don't even remember what all these machines are for.

Large walk in freezer and separate refrigerator.

Some more brand new curb outside.

Electricians and installers working on many of the machines.

Robin's office at the front of the kitchen with nice windows so she can watch the activity.

Crews still working on wiring the stage lights and sound system.

Stage is same approximate depth but is about 40+ feet long.
AND.....there is even a dressing room behind the stage. The safety railing will go up alongside the ramp coming up on the right side and the stairs on the left side.  A black curtain will hide the railing.

Remember these big steel beams we saw being installed??

They are now secured and hold the heavy dividing panels that will split the huge ballroom into three separate sections.

These panels are really nice and easily pull out by hand to stretch across the room.

The place is HUGE!
Thank you, Sun Communities, for such a wonderful investment!

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