Wednesday, December 13, 2017

North 40

Maverick took to the sky again this morning to take a look at all the progress out over the north 40.  There are many trucks and a lot of equipment at work out there.

Wow.  There is already a new house out there.  

We took a quick peek inside the ballroom and could see that the flooring is getting ready for installation.

Looks like a HUGE project!

Becky Andrews tried to share her excitement and enthusiasm for art and painting by sponsoring a small "sip and paint" party for some friends.  We each started with a blank canvas.

Then the fun began.

Ta we're all official artists!

Thank you, Becky.  That was fun and certainly a memorable experience.  Nancy Polley says if there's another time, she's bringing an extra bottle of wine.


Kat and Mouse Tails:

It takes longer to brush teeth or wash hands now because we have to wait for little Kat to get a fresh drink of water.

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