Monday, December 18, 2017


Received this message from Gary Lambert this morning:

On Thursday, December 21st, there will be a scheduled power outage at the main office complex while APS relocates some primary power feeds related to the Ballroom Project. This will affect Building A (Admin building), the classroom buildings B&C, the Ballroom (building D), the exercise and laundry rooms at the main complex, the Food trailer (Sports Grill will be open, but will have no Till and no ability to run credit cards), and the new Pro Shop. The scheduled time for this outage is 8AM until 12PM (noon). Power elsewhere in the Resort should not be affected.

The significance of this to the residents is that all of our TV & network equipment is in this area, which means that for the duration of this outage, there will be no Resort TV or internet anywhere in the resort (Including the office internet system which is separate from the Dish system). The office will be open, but we will have no computers or phones (including the Gatehouse phone) during this time (or lights for that matter). Please plan accordingly. It will also affect clubs that meet in the SanTan/Sonora/Adobe/Stained Glass/Pottery/Silversmith/Lapidary rooms. Stained Glass and Pottery… Please note this for your kiln usage (no power to the Kilns during this time period). Classrooms outside of this area should not be affected except that there will be no TV or WiFi available. If you are unsure about your club status, please contact Activities.

Once power is restored, we will re-establish the TV and internet systems as quickly as possible. Some of you with WiFi routers may need to restart your router to get your home WiFi systems up and running.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but it is a necessary step towards the completion of the Ballroom. Thank you for your patience in this matter.


Gary Lambert
Operations Manager


Saturday was the monthly patio sale day.  I always enjoy the event mostly because its an opportunity to drive around the resort and chat with all the folks that are out and about.  As I was leaving the house, Don's parting words were "We don't need any more stuff."  Silly guy.  Those words completely escaped my memory as soon as I arrived at Sharon Costa's house.  

Sharon is such a creative crafter.  Look at all the cute stuff she's been designing.  It takes an artistic imagination to do so many things with a pickleball or a stone.

George and Sharon Costa


When our son, Anton, is here, he joys watching the fish when they're on a feeding frenzy.  He got some great photos yesterday.

Kat and Mouse Tails

It's getting harder and harder to work at the computer!

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