Thursday, October 06, 2016

TV Upgrade

Further news from Gary Lambert regarding our new TV service:

So far, the upgrade has been proceeding smoothly. By the end of today (Thursday), over half of the Resort will be on the new service. We are still on schedule. 
I need to remind everyone that once your portion of the resort is switched, you will need to ‘re-channelize’ your TV(s). You do this by going to the setup menu on your TV, and looking for something like ‘Auto Channel Select’ or ‘Channel setup’, or something to that effect (Each manufacturer calls it something different). Select this and let it run. It will go out and find all of the new digital channels so you can select them. This will be a one-time process for each TV. This need was mentioned in a previous communication, but it was not emphasized, and so far the only problems we are seeing is that residents have not done this, and they have no TV. Once this is done, you should be all set. 
The channel guide (Channel 2) has not been updated with the new channels yet. This is NOT part of Dish, so it has to be done separately. Next week after the Resort is fully switched over, we will get the Channel 2 guide updated as well.
Thanks again for your cooperation!! 
Gary Lambert
Operations Manager