Friday, October 21, 2016

Internet Announcement from Gary Lambert!

 How exciting!!!  It's almost here!!

Sue… Please pass along through NextDoor and your blog. 
We are almost finished with the internet upgrade. We have two more things to accomplish, and then all scheduled upgrade work will be complete. 
·         Monday, Oct 24th, 8am to 11am, Dish will be adding additional bandwidth to our system to support better performance. This will likely result in some short term outages throughout the morning. Hopefully they will be brief, but I am told it could be as much as an hour. I do not think TV will be affected, but frankly I’m not real sure about that.
·         Tuesday, Oct 25th, 8am to 11am, Dish will be doing the final optimization of the system now that all of the additional bandwidth is available. This will again result on short term outages throughout the morning as they make changes to better optimize and balance the system. 
Once this is all completed, we will be able to offer the higher tier service (75meg) instead of the standard tier (25 meg) for those that desire it (at extra cost). I will confirm this once Dish gives us the green light, along with instructions on how to upgrade your internet service. 
Once more, we really appreciate everyone’s patience as we finish off this project. Thank you for your cooperation!! 
Gary Lambert
Operations Manager