Saturday, October 29, 2016

Nationals Week Coming Up

The pickleball courts are busy already.  I visited with a couple folks over there yesterday and learned that there are some clinics being held daily for some of the registered contestants.

These contestants are coming from all across the country.

How nice of Palm Creek to allow these special one-week guests access to sites right next to the courts.  This should make their stay even nicer so they are close to all the events.

I copied this photo from the PC pickleball site.  Beautiful shot!  No wonder the nationals want to be here.  Makes me even more proud to live here.  I haven't seen any news or publications about the upcoming events or contests but I'm sure we'll hear something soon.

Elsewhere in the park, we came across another palm tree to fascinate us.  Look at the big bundles of fruit this tree has produced.  There are SO MANY kinds of palm trees.  Basically they look pretty much the same but each variety produces different blossoms and fruits.  

Sure wish I knew more about them all.

Water aerobics is definitely active this year.  I hear they are adding more classes....that will make three times daily.

If you see the big flag at half-staff tomorrow (Sunday), it is to honor Rose Mofford who recently passed away.  She was the first female governor of the state of Arizona.