Wednesday, October 26, 2016

RC Airfield + Flowers!

Another beautiful sunny morning at our desert paradise.  We spotted an RC plane in the sky so drove over to check it out.  Ron St. Pierre was just coming in for a landing when we arrived.  He says the pilots really like and appreciate their new runway.

Ron St. Pierre

If you've never stopped out there to take a close look, you should because its very impressive.  All the work tables are built at the proper height to make it easier to work on the planes.

Ron showed us his old "poofy" batteries that need to be replaced.  The old poofy one (Ron says that's the "technical" term) will be replaced with the new one on the right.

Soon Ron Penner showed up with his colorful masterpiece.  

John Westgate came strolling over with his plane too.  He said he was waiting for Maurie Sumption to show up and help him make some adjustments to his plane.  He calls Maurie the guru of RC planes and told us how he serves as trainer to new pilots.  I guess the goal is to keep a rookie's airplane at least three mistakes high.  Maurie encourages anyone who is interested, to come down and join their group. 
John Westgate, Maurie Sumption, Ron Penner
Thank you to all four gents for the fun and informative session.  


Hot off the press!  Our wonderful flowers are being planted this week.  It's always sooooo exciting to see them planted and bring their beauty to our park.