Thursday, October 20, 2016

Snack Shack + Halloween + North Lake

As we rode through the sports complex this morning  and waved at all the pickleball players, we noticed that the snack shack area was all set up so stopped by to see Bob Fahrenbruch and get some info. 

The Snack Shack will have a "soft opening" on Thursday, November 3, to test their new set up and train the new crew of workers.  Regular opening is set for Friday, November 4.

We're starting to see some cute fall and Halloween decorations around the park.

Jane Dinsmore has a pet spider in her palm tree.

The north lake is being "rinsed" from all the reseeding process.  Water gets drained and then refilled to get it fresh and clean again.

Did someone lose a golf ball??? or two or three???

Fountains and lights are shut off during the rinsing process.

Sprinklers need to run night and day to make up for the absence of rain.

Sand traps get covered to keep the grass seed out during the reseeding process.

Some beautiful autumn colors sent in by Sue Reineck from Ohio.