Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Balloon Team + More

Palm Creek Golf and RV

Cancer Awareness Balloon Regatta

Friday – February 06, 2015 – evening “Glow”

Saturday morning – February 07, 2015 – Morning Flights 

Volunteer Opportunities 

We are beginning the planning for our annual Palm Creek Cancer Awareness event and the need for volunteers is paramount to a successful event. Your participation will ensure we have a spectacular Balloon Glow, as well as our annual “Flights for Cancer Awareness”  fundraiser. 

This year, our Balloon Meister – John Ross, has arranged to grow the event to having ten (10) balloons light up Palm Park as our cancer survivors march back into the celebration area. In fact, there will be a really special shape, “Betty Jean, the Butterfly”, to help us celebrate!  That aircraft requires about ten volunteers to safely put it up and take it down. (much large!) 

What is needed are volunteers to work with each pilot to ensure a safe balloon glow on Friday evening. It takes about 3-5 people to get the balloon assembled and set up, as well as to take down and put it all away.  We will have a meet and greet with the volunteers and pilots at 5:00 pm Friday evening in the Santan Room. A dinner will be provided before we go out to accomplish the event. We will stand the aircraft up around 6:20pm and take down around 7:30pm.  Everything should be wrapped up by around 7:45 that evening.


Saturday morning, approximately 4-5 balloons will again fly from the ball park area. The passengers ride fees will again be totally donated to the Cancer Awareness Fund. Again, about 3-5 volunteers would be needed for each balloon. We would meet at around 7am, brief everyone and then assemble the balloons and have about a 30 – 45 minute flight. After taking the aircraft down and putting it back in the truck / trailers, I would estimate you would be back in the park around 9am. 


Everyone always asks the same question or expresses a concern about lifting heavy objects. We try and avoid that and work ‘smarter” not “harder” to avoid any undue stress. 

This event will only happen if we can get enough dedicated volunteers to ensure a safe and enjoyable evening / morning.   Please volunteer for either or both events.

Sign up NOW to avoid last minute recruiting needs.

Reminder of our Geeks on Tour upcoming events and classes.  All of us have some kind of electronic device where we have questions or need guidance.  Come visit with Jim and Chris Guld as they conduct their classes in December.  See the link at the top of this blog for a full description of time and place.  Sign up in the Activities Office.  The first class is FREE.
I overheard some residents asking about the children's Giving Tree.  Yes....we will again have the opportunity to buy gifts for the Foster children here in Pinal County.  A Christmas tree will soon be decorated and on display in the hallway of the main office building.  Pick a card from the tree which represents a foster child who can use your support at Christmas time.
Here's a beautiful photo of sunset at Palm Creek this week.  Thank you, Barb Poole.
How's this for a Florida Halloween costume??!!
Here's a favorite for all you ATV and Jeep rider folks.  Will you step up and warn this fellow.......................or just stand back and watch it happen???
And for our Canadian friends, we have some photographs of the nasty vandalism that occurs in their country at this time of year.  They would never get away with this mischief in Casa Grande!!
(Thank you to Jeanette Girard for sending these.)


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