Saturday, November 22, 2014

Pet Ambassador

Most cat friendly country: United States
With a pet cat population of 76.43 million feline friends, the United States dominates the world stage for most cat friendly country in the world.

Most dog friendly country: United States

Similarly, America more than doubles the amount of pet dogs any other country has, with a dog population of 61.1 million.

I read these statistics on the internet this morning and related them to our recent pet expansion here at Palm Creek.  It's certainly true that many RV owners are traveling with pets these days.  In fact, many RVers are traveling by motor coach specifically because of their pets rather than traveling commercially.  Thus the need for more pet friendly facilities.

In response to some recent incidents in the new pet section, I received this note from Jim Dawson.

Palm Creek has always had a good reputation for being a ‘Pet Friendly’ community.  A fair share of funding has been spent to build nice Dog Parks and money is budgeted every year to maintain the Dog Parks.  The most significant improvement made 4 years ago was for the budgeting of what we refer to as a Pet Ambassador.  Palm Creek now has a Pet Ambassador.  A simple job description:  This person must love animals.  You will travel from dog park to dog park on a daily basis and dump waste stations on a regular schedule.  You will also hose down and disinfect the waste stations, the walkways, the curbs and the bushes surrounding the dog parks. In the Pet Sections, you will be running the street sweeper on a regular basis to make sure that gravel that is kicked on to the curb by dogs is kept to a minimum.  If you notice one of our Residents or Guests not following any pet rules, you will report it to the Facilities Department immediately.  While you are performing these duties, you are asked to get to know our Pet Owners; ask them if there is anything we’re missing?

Palm Creek is known for having wonderful pet facilities.  Management and Staff are proud of the program we have and plan to expand and improve our facilities even more in the future.  We are working on a way to wash off the bases of light poles and fire hydrants on a regular basis.  Soon you could have a pet washing station!

Demographics suggest that more and more people are traveling with their pets. It would be most pleasant if we could all accept the fact that Palm Creek had to make a decision about converting spaces from Non-Pet to Pet.  Empty but desirable spaces were remaining vacant.  The Reservations desk was turning away transient RVers travelling with pets.  A decision has been made based on facts.  

Here is a salute to our dedicated Pet Ambassadors:

Vickie Vaughn

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