Saturday, November 15, 2014

Just another day

Yesterday was another day of absolutely beautiful weather.  Couldn't ask for more....especially when the rest of the country (and Canada) are under snow and freezing temperatures.
It was a perfect day for lunch at the local Bistro.  Thank you Tom and Natalie for the friendly service!
 We found Nancy Paupst over at the sales office trying to dock some balloons to advertise the open tour of new homes.  There was just a small breeze but it was enough that she needed some help.  Too many balloons and she would float away!  There are some great sales on new homes right now so be sure to stop in and see Nancy if you're ready to buy.
Softball season has opened! 
(Thank you to Barb Poole for the softball photos.)
Pickleball courts are always busy!

The Bodacious Beaders are meeting on Wednesdays for either beading sessions to work on their own projects or to take new classes. 

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