Sunday, November 09, 2014

It feels like spring.

October and November feel like spring time to a new beginning.  Temperatures cool so we can spend more time outdoors, new neighbors appear daily, all the flowers are getting planted, new activities begin, and the whole park comes to life after a long quiet summer.  It's awesome!

This weekend was fun due to the many patio sales around the park.  It was a beautiful day so folks were out in droves riding their bikes, cruising in their golf carts, or just out walking.  Traffic jams were common as friends stopped to chat ... many times right in the middle of the road... but it was all part of the fun.

I came across one site in particular that sparked my interest.  Gene Brickman at Site 1337 had what I call "horse collars" and they were all finely polished and restored, then turned into very decorative western art work.  There were some finished pieces on display but Gene took me indoors to see some masterful pieces displayed in his home.  He has certainly turned a hobby into a craft!  Congratulations, Gene.

Gene, Margaret, and "Annie"

 Gene starts with the raw product shown on the left and can turn it into a completely different item.

Spring is also the usual time for baseball season.  Our softball season here starts now!  Palm Creek has several softball teams.  I encourage them to post their schedule where we can all see the times and dates of the upcoming games.  Perhaps it will get posted on their blog at Palm Creek Softball

Watching the ballgames is a blast!  Lots of supportive friends cheering in the stands and a great way to spend an afternoon.  Come on out for lunch and have a great hamburger or snack at the grill.  
Photo from 2013

Some practice exhibition games will be held this Tuesday, November 11.  The full season starts Thursday, November 13 at 8:30 a.m.  Several games are played each Thursday from then on.  You can check the schedule on line at the softball blog or on display at the ballfield.  Hope to see you out there for a fun time.  Come cheer on our teams!


I'm told that folks at Sun Communities sometimes log in to read happenings on this blog.  If there's anyone out there reading this.....I hope you can help with our internet connections here.  Our Dish service is SLOW and frequently intermittent.  I seldom complain about anything here at our park but this is getting quite frustrating!

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