Thursday, December 04, 2014

Rainy Day News

Those of you that are here for a respite from bad weather may be disappointed to see it raining today....but those of us who live here year round are delighted to have a rainy day!  I hurried outdoors to sit on the patio with a fresh cup of hot coffee and curled up with a good book on my kindle.  It was GREAT!!

My Selfie shot from this morning!
Diane Gaines and the devoted group of Creekers that belong to the Loving Hands Loving Meals program are busy once again at raising funds to support our local Cancer Center.  Looks like we're having another Pampered Chef party on December 13.  I've been to several of these in the past and will happily attend again as it's always fun and informative.  The hostess, Rachel Thomas, is a very entertaining speaker and makes the occasion fun.  Gather your friends and sign up in Activities to attend.  This isn't just for the gals either!  Many of the men enjoy cooking and will have a good time at this event.  The timing is perfect and a great opportunity for some fun Christmas shopping.  All the proceeds certainly go for a wonderful cause. 

 All proceeds will be used to obtain Pampered Chef items to put in the silent auction in February and funds designated to the Loving Hands Loving Meals program. 

Speaking of fun, entertaining, and INFORMATIVE speakers, don't forget to sign up for some (or all) of the presentations by the Geeks on Tour.  Take advantage of their presence here at Palm Creek!  Click on the link at the top of this blog page for a full copy of their scheduled classes.  Come to their presentation tomorrow (Friday morning) at 10:00 to hear what their program is all about.  We ALL have a lot to learn about our smart phones, tablets, ipads, and computers. 
Thank you to the folks who have already signed up to assist with the hot air balloon regalia in January!  There is a sign up sheet in Activities so make sure your name appears on that roster.  Some of you responded on the nextdoor program, but make sure your name is on the Activities sign up sheet.  John Ross says they may even have a practice run before the big event. 
I had a wonderful experience with a ride in John's balloon in 2011.  Here's a link to the blog entry from that date.  Check out all the photos.
And now for your favorite part of the blog:

Your phone will charge twice as fast in "airplane mode".
Fit two bowls into a small microwave.


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