Friday, December 12, 2014

Wrapping, Mantis, Classes

Ho Ho Ho........look at all Santa's elves busy at work wrapping the presents our residents so generously have donated to the giving tree.
Tis the true spirit of Christmas!
My son was visiting for the day, looked down at his foot and found a praying mantis perched on his shoe.   
Guess he just stopped by to say hello.

We visited with him and enjoyed his company.  Then we gently put him in our flower garden.
The Geeks on Tour (Jim and Chris Guld) have certainly been busy with all the seminars they've been presenting.  This day they also attended the Android users group to talk more in depth about smartphones and tablets.
Classes have been well attended with lots of positive feedback.  As professional teachers (and geeks) they keep the programs entertaining as well as informative.  In addition to their regularly scheduled seminars, they will also be present at the Photography club meeting on Monday to talk more about Picasa and editing your photographs.
 P.S.  Don't forget the patio sales and the Pampered Chef event this Saturday.
This is a  Testimony to Dedication and Focus
It was later reported that his wife got out safely, and that he did indeed par the hole.
He says the divorce isn't going to be that bad, now that there's no house involved.

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