Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Nears

WOW!!  Look at the beautiful Christmas tree all shiny and decorated in the ballroom.  I didn't see the elves who did this, but they certainly deserve a thank you!  It really looks lovely.

Sue and Nancy were playing elves Monday night too as they prepped the tables for the annual Bingo hot chocolate night.  

Speaking of elves (naughty and nice), my sons were here for a short visit.  Found this art work in my refrigerator after they left.  Made me smile.  

This kind gentleman brings a truckload of delicious juicy oranges several days each week and has done so for the last several years.  He is a familiar face and a loyal vendor here.  You get the whole bag for $5.  I saw smaller bags at Sam's this week for $7+ so this is a "sweet" deal.  The oranges are really yummy.  Stop by and give him some business.  He parks up by the mail boxes across from the admin buildings.

I received a very nice note from Alice Herinck this week.  Most of us know her husband Bob as "Painter Bob" as he has painted most of the houses here in the park.....both inside and out.  Alice is overwhelmed at the amount of well wishes they are receiving and wants to get the word out to their friends.  

"Hi Sue

Would you put this on your blog.  We have had so many cards, calls and e-mails and I don't know how to reach everyone.
Bob and I would like to Thank everyone who have been so kind as to keep Bob in their thoughts and Prayers while he has been in Loma Linda, CA.  His last treatment will be on Friday December 19th and we should be back in Palm Creek on the 20th.  Bob is well and looking forward to getting back doing all the things he loves to do.
God Bless you all and see ya soon

Bob and Alice Herinck"

We had a nice attendance at the coffee hour Monday morning out on the Bistro.  Marion Nelson announced that she has now taken over the leadership of the Special Events department.  Congratulations, Marion!!  Your years of experience at being a Palm Creek resident will be very beneficial in this position.  We're happy to see you there!  With you in Special Events and MaryAnn Brown in Activities, we have a great leadership team.  We thank you both for your dedication to a very busy job!

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