Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Welcome Back!

What an exciting time of year!  Residents are returning in droves and our park is definitely coming alive with activity. 
Here is a poster showing the newest addition....called Palm Shadows.  This will include the dog run area in the most recently expanded pet friendly part of the park.  There will be a nice tented shade area, attractive landscaping, and a nice area for group gatherings.
I hear some complaints about expanding the pet area but thoroughly understand the reasoning behind the expansion.  The pet section is almost completely booked during season and we need more room for reservations for guests and residents traveling with pets.  Personally, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that the entire resort becomes "pet friendly" as I believe it to be the wave of the future.  That is strictly my personal thoughts so don't panic or start rumors over my comment.  :) LOL
Monday was our first bingo game of the season.  Flo's meticulous bookkeeping showed we were just two people off from the same event last year.  Her records help determine how many rows of tables and chairs to put up each week. 
The bingo board is carefully maintained and ready for action with all its buttons and levers. 
Loralee Dehner and Barbara Jackson were the jackpot winners.  Congratulations!
Once we turn the calendar page to November, the action really begins.  I notice that we have a patio sale coming up on Saturday, November 8.  These are always fun events.  Get together with a couple neighbors and have an old fashioned "garage sale" of items you no longer need or want.  Remember that one man's trash is another man's gold.  I especially like to come across a "crafter's sale" where residents display the goodies they have created.  It's like a mini flea market to sell those extra craft items you've created.  Sign up in the Activities Office so your name gets included on the map and list of sites. 
Many of us will be planting pots of flowers in the next couple weeks.  Remember this handy tip about placing a coffee filter in the bottom of the pot to keep the dirt from leaking out the bottom of the pot.



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