Saturday, October 18, 2014


We had a nice big crowd on the Bistro patio for Octoberfest!  Our beautiful October weather made the day even more enjoyable.
Sam's Club was our host for the day and provided a crew to grill up some delicious bratwurst.  Thanks guys!
Brandy Wood and Marilyn Goeken were our hostesses.
A delicious German potato salad was served along with a cute apple dumpling to top it all off.
It was so nice to see familiar faces.  It's FUN to see everyone return.
Must not forget the beer and wine sampling.  I vote for the Goose light ale...basically because I like the beer tap you can see I the background.
It was a festive time!
It's always fun to have DJ Larry at the mic.
Earlier in the day when Don and I were out on our rounds, we heard a strange bird call.  Of course, my ears perked up and I had to find the source and see what kind of bird it was.  Aha!  Found it.
Say hello to "Clay".  A couple weeks ago this cockatiel was spotted outside the pottery room and was soon adopted by Sharon Costa.  The bird is appropriately named "Clay" since he was found at pottery, right?  Clay must have been a pet at some time since his wings have been clipped and he doesn't fly well.  It must have been fate that brought Clay to a loving home once again.
Thank you, George, for sharing the story.
I've also heard stories from residents that they've spotted a blue parakeet flitting among the trees around the north pool.   Sounds like someone released their caged birds.

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