Sunday, October 12, 2014

Geeks on Tour

For any of the people who have taken some of my computer classes, you'll remember how I bragged about the services of "Geeks on Tour" operated by Jim and Chris Guld.  Jim and Chris were instrumental in helping Palm Creek with the very first steps of introducing WiFi to the park about 10 years ago.  They are full-time RVers and travel the country giving seminars on technology and staying connected while on the road.  They have a whole series of classes and training programs that are definitely of interest to anyone trying to stay up with technology. 
The Guld's are going to be here this winter!!  Yahoo!!  They have reserved a spot for the month of December and we're hoping they be around even longer.  They have some commitments to speak at some big RV rallies but we hope they stay in our area.  Here is a brief outline of some of the seminars they'll be presenting here:
Dec 5, Fri, 10-12: Geeks on Tour: Technology for Travelers Overview

 Dec 6 Sat, 10-12: Geeks on Tour: Picasa and Google+ Web Albums for all your digital photo needs

 Dec 8, Mon, 6-8: Geeks on Tour: Smartphones and Tablet Overview for Travelers

 Dec 13 Sat, 10-12: Geeks on Tour: Make a free website with Blogger, Picasa, and Google+

 Dec 15 Mon 6-8: Geeks on Tour: Using Google Maps to Plan, Preserve, and Share your travels

 Dec 20 Sat 10-12: Geeks on Tour: What is Cloud Computing?

 Dec 22 Mon: Geeks on Tour: Free software for making your own movies, Photo Story and Movie Maker

 Dec 27: Sat: Geeks on Tour: Technology for Travelers Overview

 Dec 29 Mon: Geeks on Tour: Picasa and Google+ Web Albums for all your digital photo needs      

Won't it be fun to learn what all those buttons on our cell phones can do for us??

Watch for more details and information or check with Activities once you are here and registered.  Geeks on Tour Website

I certainly remember why we claim that October and April are our favorite Arizona months.  October is such a welcomed relief to the triple digit temperatures.  It feels wonderful!!  This morning is a nice crisp cool 64 degrees.  Awesome!  It will warm up into the 80s today so we can bask in the sunshine without baking in our summer intense heat.  Love it!
It's amazing to watch all our winter residents returning in droves.  Every day brings more new faces and the faces and hugs of returning friends.  It's exciting!
The back nine of the golf course is turning a lush green and looks beautiful.
We cruised by the pickleball courts yesterday and found them pretty busy for just a casual Saturday morning so early in the season.
Love that shirt, Don!
To those of you hitting the road to join travels!!  See you soon!
The Dreaded Phone Call from the boss.

My boss phoned me today. He said, "Is everything OK at the office?"

I said, "It's all under control. It's been a very busy day. I haven't stopped to take a break all day."

"Can you do me a favour?" he asked.

I said "Of course,    

What is it?" 
"Pick up the pace a little. I'm in the group behind you." 

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