Monday, October 06, 2014

Grooming just for you

Areas of our park are already reseeded and the lush green grass is growing just for YOU.  It is unbelievable at how fast the grass comes in once it is seeded and tended with loving care plus lots of water.
The doves couldn't be happier.  It's a wonder they can still fly after gorging themselves on all that fresh grass seed.
Scraping away the gravel is always the first sign of new construction.  We spotted this area right behind the street of dreams where the new models are located by the sales office.
We're going to be receiving another classroom building in this area.  It will be called the Prickly Pear building.
AND......the classrooms will now be upgraded so sewer and water will be available.
Palm Trees on the front nine of the course are being trimmed before reseeding. 
The back nine is already trimmed, planted, and turning green.
Dog agility and ballfield are doing well.
Our October weather is awesome.  Mornings actually feel quite cool at 60+ degrees as we're definitely not used to that yet.  I'm getting excited and really looking forward to the upcoming season. 
When I returned to the park from the grocery store this morning, the gate attendant asked if I had time to pull over and receive my new annual parking sticker for the windshield.  Very nice touch instead of having to make a special trip to the parking lot during posted hours.  Thank you to whoever dreamed up the idea.
I dedicate this next cartoon to my dear friend Sam.  It even looks like Donna giving him advice.

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