Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Tuesday's Tour

We're back to the giant tonka toys again as the big equipment moves in to finish the road through Phase 3 of the construction.  Water trucks galore spray to keep down the dust as work continues.  

The construction area should definitely be off limits for us while the project is underway.  There's no fence across the area but residents should avoid the area for safety reasons.  Don and I met Jim Dawson there this morning and he kindly gave us a quick tour in his truck.

The gardens are being dismantled but don't despair as they'll be reconstructed farther east on the property.  The straw bales are going into our green waste and the rich garden soil is being saved.


Faustino is hard at work on the project.

I was amazed to see the recycled green waste area!!  All the big piles of branches and trees are  all shredded now and in nice neat piles as it cures.  The area smells like nice clean farm land.  This is truly Mother Nature at work as she turns those trees and shrubs back into rich mulch........with the help of some huge shredding machines to speed up the process!
More road work and equipment.
We will have tons of new waste once we trim the palm trees this season.  The trees will need a good haircut after that hard freeze we had this past winter.  Can't trim them yet though.  Must wait until after the trees bloom.  Then the trees are trimmed before the seeds fall and sprout.   I looked back through the blog as a reference so it looks like trimming starts late July or early August.  There are lots of photos and video of the process if you look back in the archives.
Remember the black truck trailer??  

It is now set up as a proper storage area for the portable stage, play props, event decorations, etc.  The trailer gives us 400 sq ft of free storage area that we don't have to use in our club house or meeting rooms.

That's the tour for the day.  Our weather forecast for the next few days sounds perfect!  Wonderful 80s and cooling to 60s at night.  Starting next week though............triple digits are in the forecast.  I'm soaking up this cool air as much as I can!

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