Saturday, May 25, 2013

I received this email from a reader today.  Anyone from the tennis or golf or hiking or biking programs care to write to the Reiter's and tell them about life here in Palm Creek?

Lynn/Dave Reiter
May 25th 2013
12:10:16 PM
    Where are you from?
St. Louis, MO
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This is probably not the correct format for my PC questions, but thought maybe this blog could help. After 10 years, 6 month PM seasonals at the Voyager Resort, Tucson, we are thinking of moving to PC.
I would love to hear from someone who flies to and from PC regarding shuttles, also, from someone in the tennis program, the golf program, the hiking and cycling programs. We do know all about the wonderful Pickleball program.

Please feel free to email me at as I'm sure this blog was not set up for this type of correspondence. Thanks a million! Love the PC Blog site!  Would love to help with the Blog when we move to beautiful Palm Creek.

What do we do in the afternoons when the temperature reaches 100+ degrees?


Hand and Foot 

or Pegs & Jokers

Outside the front desk doors, this magnolia tree is blooming just for us.

 Life is Good!!!


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