Friday, May 24, 2013

Palm Park News!

Here is the design for our new Palm Park.  So many of us thoroughly enjoyed the outings on the nice grassy park area this past season so plans are to expand this area and make it much more accessible for set up and more outdoor events.


The perimeter palms will remain but all those in the center of the park will be removed.  Some of the trees will be moved to the new construction area and others will be used as replacements for a few palms that have died.
Bricks have arrived to be used for building a stage on the north end of the park.
The band stand or stage will be 60 ft long and about 20 ft deep.  It can be accessed by a ramp on either side of the stage so it is easy to move equipment up and down rather than stairs.
We were lucky to spot Jim Dawson there this morning so he explained the layout to us.

Testing different paver colors.
The whole perimeter of the grassy area will be outlined with stone like this so it is easy to keep trimmed.  Then a special kind of gravel will be put on the pathways to make it level with the stone.
There will be plenty of electrical connections so alleviate all those pesky extension cords running across the parking lot.  This area at the south end of the park will be all covered with pavers making a nice area for the food stands and concessions.
It will be fascinating to watch how all those trees get moved and the pavers put in place.  I think I'll bring a lawn chair, umbrella, and a cold drink so I can just sit and watch all the action!

The model home has been moved from the street of dreams over to it's new resting spot.

The house we've seen out in the storage area will soon be in its new home at Site 1111.
(NO.....this is not the house that was damaged a couple years back.  That was removed long ago.)
Pickle players were on the courts again this morning.
Progress continues on the dog park.
Thought you would like to see a close up of this map displayed in the sales office.  Red dots mark the sites that are already sold in the new section.  I like the street names in this area.


Dust Devil Attack!  It was a typical lovely afternoon.  Not even a heavy wind.....but out of nowhere the mysterious Arizona dust devils suddenly spring up.  One came across the field by the pickleball courts and went across Site 30 over there in the corner.  As it passed by them, it pushed up their awning and made a big bulge in it.  Skip and Connie Emerson were home at the time and heard the big whoosh as the devil went through.  No rain.  No clouds in the sky.  No warning of any kind.  Just good old Arizona desert mystery.
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