Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Construction Update

There are so many projects at Palm Creek that we don't give much thought.  There is a perimeter wall all around this huge resort.  This summer it is getting patched and painted on both sides all the way around.  First it gets power washed, then patched with caulk, then painted.  I'm guessing we'll see this crew here for quite a while until the job is done.

We've been curious about all the huge mounds of dirt we see out in the construction area so Monday's tour with Jim Dawson was quite enlightening.  This blue water trench and piping will eventually go all aound the new construction area.  

It must be quite something for an engineer to draw out a plan like this and then see it come to fruition.

We must not forget special lines for fire hydrants!

This trench digging is a lot different than the first couple blocks that were laid out.  This time a wide trench is dug at varying depths.  First the deep green sewer line gets installed and covered.  You can't just throw dirt back in there to cover it up either.  The soil has to be of a certain moisture so that a machine called a sheeps foot can tramp down the dirt properly and securely.  Then the next level up and to the left will be the water lines.  Then comes electric, phone, cable, etc....each at a different depth and distance apart.  

See the thin wire that stretches along the top of the sewer line??  That's so they can use an electronic sensor to locate the pipe and know exactly where it runs and where the connections are located once the pipes are covered.  If you have to make repairs or connections in the future, that will certainly come in handy.

That gray pipe to the left is the water line that was laid in previously.  Someday it will allow a new home owner to do run a dishwasher or take a shower.

It was fascinating to watch this crew at work.  They're measuring and cutting the sewer pipes to needed specifications.  That big round saw blade goes through pipes like a hot knife through butter.  Then they hold the end of the pipe against the side of the blade to bevel the edge perimeter so the pieces slide together easily.

The end then gets dipped in a bucket of glue and they can slide the fittings on the end of the pipe.

This crew must have been well trained and working together for quite some time as very little conversation was held.  Each person had a job to do and it made great efficient team work.

Each of those upright green posts is a sewer line to a new house some day.

The fence around the new dog park is underway.  Concrete footings and rebar are in place.

Up by the big pool area work continues on the sprinkler systems.  Now that the acorn trees have been removed, they're going to work on the sprinkler lines.  Digging down to long buried lines is not an easy chore!  Years of tree roots surround all the pipes.

I took this photo down the water way between sites 29 and 30.  By the time you picklers come back this fall, there will be a nice full sun screen up there to provide much needed shade.

Check out this creative stained glass yard ornament we spotted at site 492.  I'm guessing it is one of our avid water volleyball players.  Nice work!

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