Monday, May 06, 2013

Monday Morning

Another beautiful morning!  Quite a few residents out on the golf course this morning enjoying FREE golf and no crowds or waiting lines.

Tractors are out moving the gardens.

Several big trucks are spraying water and plowing up for the new road.

Meanwhile...........our little owl was sooooo sleepy today.  He hardly opened his eyes to pay any attention to us whatsoever.  You have to admire anyone or anything that can sleep while standing on just one leg.  We silently drove away so as not to disturb him.

MORE BABY DUCKS!  They're soooooo cute.  Don and I stood on the bridge over the creek and watched the little critters for a long time.  My camera just clicked away hoping to get a good shot of the little fuzzy critters.  After downloading them to my computer, I couldn't decide which photo to post. get them ALL.

This group of older ducks came up on shore to get cleaned up.  

Plus we observed this nest again.  The eggs have been moved or rotated so it doesn't appear to be abandoned but I don't see mama around to incubate them.
That's all for today folks.

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