Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Another Day

Another BEAUTIFUL morning!  Cool 62 degrees with lots of sunshine sounds like perfect weather for pickleball.  Sure enough.....they were out there on the courts bright and early.  Sandi Feller gathered the players for a group shot.  Thanks, Sandi.
First day of summer league. 38 players from Palm Creek, Mission Royal and Robson Ranch. All skill levels in the round robin format mix.
I managed to get a nice picture of "Logie" in action.
Of course, his next shot was a line drive way out of bounds.  Caught his reaction on tape.  He yelled that I am NOT allowed to post this photo.  Here ya go, Jerry!  Ain't I a little devil?? 
Definition of a QUAIL:  One of the cutest birds ever built.
We see them almost every day in different locations in the park....but they're very elusive and hard to sneak up on.
BUT....look at this!  A quail nest....right where we'll be able to see it develop!!!!
Barb and Jim Cobb noticed that their pretty potted plant was dying.  Upon close inspection, Barb discovered that a quail had built her nest in the plant and was laying eggs.  The mama quail lays one egg each day until she has a clutch of up to 15 eggs before she parks to start incubating them.  "Normally" they nest on the ground under vegetation but this mama decided on a high rise location.
Barb promises to keep a close eye on progress and keep me posted.
Hey Poker Players:  We noticed that our chips were getting pretty grubby from heavy use this season.  We experimented and discovered that we can put them through the laundry with great success.  It will be like having NEW chips next season.  You're welcome!
Our water aerobics fans are still active every morning.  Say hello!
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