Sunday, December 02, 2012

VOTE for #10 - Palm Creek's Float

You have until 7:00 pm TODAY (Sunday) to cast your vote for the People's Choice Award and make our Palm Creek float a winner.  Click on this link to cast your vote:
Vote Here

 A webpage comes up where you enter your name and then in the second box, you enter the number 10 as that's the number of our float.  It's easy and fast.  Do it NOW.....before you read the rest of this blog post or you might forget.  

Did you cast your vote??  Vote first!
 for #10
**************** that you have voted, you can continue reading.
I took a ride around the resort yesterday just because the weather was soooo PERFECT and it was a joy to be outdoors.  How nice to see so many houses being decorated for the holidays.
It doesn't take a lot to make a nice impression.  Simple and pretty.
Oh yes.....many folks like to wrap their palm tree in lights.  Here it looks like the friends and neighbors are on hand to supervise.
I found this cute little guy on Magee's patio.  Look!  It's a snowbird!!  
The garden club members were busy at work.  They were trimming back the basil while I was there and it smelled heavenly.  Ahhh...sweet basil.  Very distinct aroma.  Very nice. 
Some fresh planting was done.

Later Don and I headed up to the stained glass room as we got a call saying they needed help with their computer.  While Don was working on that, I cruised around the room to see what crafters were doing.  Here's Chris working on his project.
They say it's like working on a giant puzzle to get all the pieces to fit.
This kind volunteer was fixing up the tool baskets that they loan to people working on their projects.  
Meanwhile, Don is still working on that OLD computer.
Look at all the neat projects sitting out on display.
The fused glass always draws my attention.  These samples were out on display showing how the glass pieces lay on top.
.....and then get melted? fused into the bottom piece.  Magic.
Here is a box of scraps.  Very colorful.  Sign up to take some classes.  It looks like fun.
Today was pool tournament day and the room was busy with active "shooters".

I get a charge out of my hubby and some of his creative ideas.  I moved our Keurig coffee pot to a spot on the counter where it is a little cumbersome to fill the water reservoir. 

 Rather than struggle with it, Don came up with his own invention to easily fill the container.  I must say that it is very creative........not very attractive......but creative.  Never a dull moment at the Hepler household.


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