Friday, December 07, 2012

Another Day of Perfect Weather

Uh Oh...........if you look at the next five day weather forecast, you'll see some nighttime freezing temperatures!  It's certainly hard to believe today because our PERFECT weather continues with lots of sunshine.  Fernando has already scheduled the landscape crew to be ready to cover all the flowers Sunday night because of the forecasted freeze warning.  Guess we'd better haul out those blankets and frost covers to protect the tender flowers.  
Out on Henness Road, new signs have been posted and the new right turn lane is activated.  This should make it easier to swing those big rigs in here.

I found Fernando working on the sprinkler heads so nagged at him to be in this photo.  He politely relented but went right back to his chores.
Our entrance drive always looks nice.
We're also lucky to have such friendly greeters.  Today Don Johnson and Linda Berry were on duty.

A good friend, Cheri Norsted, is a devoted grandparent.  She and Grandpa Ray spent the afternoon taking photos for a Flat Stanley project for their Granddaughter Jenna.  Most grandparents probably know the saga of flat Stanley as he has become a classic project for elementary classes.

The new trend appears even higher tech as this cutout is actually a flat Jenna that comes with velcro clothes that get changed for each occasion. 

This afternoon I spied a couple deadheaders hard at work to keep our resort so beautiful.  The "deadheaders" are a devoted group of volunteers who help maintain our colorful flower beds.  The group members are easy to spot because of their colorful shirts.  Should you meet them, stop to give a friendly hello and a thank you for the work they perform.
How cool to see this Christmas tree out at the pickleball courts.  I think it came from the float.

This bulletin board tells quite a story about our active pickleball organization.  There are many many different groups, levels of play, round robins, tournaments, and special events coming up.
It's always fun to stop for a while and watch the action on the new courts.
Back at the tennis area, I was lucky enough to watch the final installation process of converting the courts.  They pulled up all the tape from painting the white lines...and then laid out the nets.
TA now in place.
I caught Anna Maria and her partner in an active game.

It is so FUN to meet new people.  Say hello to Traci Madison (staying in site 180).  Traci brought me a new OWL!!!!  She gave him to me as a gift in appreciation for the blog.  Awesome!!  Traci is a Voice Recorder and recently landed the job to be the voice for 50 children's book for a company in Sweden.  What a fun job!  You can hear a sample at her website:   Once at the website, click on the video for children's books.
While she was here she took a look at some of Don's computer toys at his flight simulator.

Our softball teams are very active too.  We finally got part of their schedule posted so you know when to come out to the field and watch the games.  You can go to their blog site.  Click on:  Palm Creek Blogs and then choose Palm Creek Softball.


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