Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tennis Center Activity

The tennis club is rekindling interest in their sport.  Yesterday they had a luncheon and showed off their new banner announcing the official Tennis Center now that all the courts have been returned to tennis.  An unusual (but welcomed) rainy day kept the activities indoors.  When you live in the desert, we never complain about much needed rain.  Our spirits and friendship were still shining.

President, Kate Perrie, thanked all the committee members for organizing the luncheon and introduced many of the volunteers and committee chairman that make the active club possible.
Then came the unveiling of the new Tennis Center banner.

Today Glen Arnold and Wayne Black got the honors of hanging the new banner.
Luckily Jerry Anderson was on hand to supervise.
Don't worry, Gwen....they just posed for the photo and they knew what they were doing.
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