Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ho Ho Ho

Ho Ho Ho......when out on the patio there arose such a clatter, I flew from my lounge chair to see what was the matter.  When what to my wondering eyes should appear but six golf carts of singles out spreading good cheer.  They sang us a jingle, then drove down the street to spread Christmas wishes to others they'd meet.

Thank you to the Singles Club carolers for a moment of Christmas cheer.  That was FUN!    

Hi Larry!

Speaking of fun and good cheer......I attended my very first Stretchers class this morning.  I certainly didn't realize I could work up a sweat by sitting on a chair and exercising.   It felt good to stretch out those stiff muscles and loosen up tight joints.  Thank you to Rita Mullins....our fearless leader... for conducting these sessions.  I shall return for more....but will choose a lighter set of weights!
Marilyn Roemer starts the morning with a bit of good humor.  She must have some jokes and stories she saved from all those bingo bus trips she chaperoned.

Loralee Dehner stopped over this afternoon to learn how to make a poster.  She is part of the water aerobics group and they're going to do a benefit for cancer.  The idea was hatched when the group laughed over the sign at the north pool that reads Capacity 400+ people.  HA!  Now the challenge is to see how many swimmers the pool can handle.

Stop up at the north pool at 11:00 on Thursday, January 31 and let's see how many people will actually fit in the pool at one time.  $2 per participant will be donated to the cancer drive.  Someone be sure to remind me to be there with camera in hand.

While we play, others are at work continuing to beautify our park.  We found these friendly gents busy laying a brick sidewalk.  Wave hi and say Howdy.


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