Sunday, December 02, 2012

Pickleball news

We have a VERY active pickleball group here at Palm Creek!!  I just received news about their upcoming information booth that will be available.  GREAT idea!

From Lynda Tebo:
For the first time Pickleball will have an Information booth at the Pickleball courts. The booth will be prominently located for all to see. Primarily it will serve as a Welcome area for new people to the Park, whether experienced or new players. The booth hours will be Monday through Friday 10 am to 4 pm.

The focus is simple, a welcoming person available to answer questions, explain a bit about the game, how to register for classes or how the round robins work. There will be a binder at the table as a resource. It will include information on: Shoot Out format, Skill level definitions, Court etiquette, Pickleball Player Guidelines, Palm Creek Tournament information, Round Robin Court schedules, Pickleball Club Information Sheets for the $20.00 fee-they complete the form and we collect the $20.00. We will advise them their sticker will be available at the courts between 9-11 on Tues, Thur. and Sat.

We need your help. Please contact me at and advise what time(s) you would be available to spend meeting new people and promoting the great game of Pickleball at Palm Creek.

Lynda Tebo
Information Co-ordinator

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