Wednesday, December 05, 2012


I received a cute email from an anonymous viewer who feels this photo deserves some publicity.  Neighbors and friends (??) of Larry Duthie were concerned for his well being after a recent head injury.   Here's the photo and message I received.
After a nasty gash to Larry Duthie's head in a recent accident involving a golf cart, concerned neighbors wanted to let him know how much he means to them. With only his best interests at heart........this gift has it all!
The pith helmet has an extra golf ball; a horn to warn out-of control golf carts to move out of his way; a light to find his way when he finds himself in the dark; and extra pair of eyes to help see those hazardous areas; a first aide pouch with a "do-it-yourself stitches kit"; and last but not least a bottle of "anesthetic" to help ease the pain.
anonymously" by Sandy Milner>

Larry is indeed lucky to have such caring friends.   


How about a very special Thank You to Lennie Weaver for decorating all the beautiful Christmas trees you see around the resort.  I asked her if she really enjoyed the job and she replied with a definite YES.  She said if it gives even one person a bit of Christmas spirit, it was worth the labor.  I visit the Activities Office frequently and almost every time I'm there I hear someone comment about the pretty tree.  That means Lennie was certainly successful.  Thanks again, Lennie.

Meanwhile, we're also grateful for having the new Ocotillo Room where we can hold classes.  Here are some of my eager beaver students learning how to edit their photos and arrange them in their computer.
We have a big screen TV to use as a projector.

Outdoors in the fantastic warm sunshine, the crew is still working on revamping the old pickleball courts and turning them back into tennis courts.

That's all for today.  Short post.

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