Monday, May 14, 2012


The weatherman says our temperatures are going to be in the triple digits for the next week or two but at least it still cools down to the low 70s at night making our mornings totally awesome.  As I sit here writing, it is 101 outside but a nice cool 80 inside where I am comfortable and enjoying the solitude of 'off season'.  Tonight several of us 'year-rounders' will head down to the American Legion hall to play some bingo.  Wish me luck!

Our maintenance folks are hard at work even with the triple digits.  The railings on all the bridges need to be painted which may sound easy, but the prep work definitely is not.  Here the guy is sandblasting to get the pipe ready for paint.


Elsewhere around the park, crew members have shovels in hand and are digging up around all the sprinkler control boxes as they need to be cleaned out and repaired.  We probably don't pay any attention to the great number of control boxes throughout the resort but there are a LOT of them and that ground is HARD as rock.  Not an easy job to dig these holes.

Karen Cowden at Site 987 has these huge yucca plants in her front yard that bloom heavily this time of year.  They send tall spikes of flowers skyward.
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