Thursday, May 10, 2012

A mini haboob and some RAIN!

If you watch the area weather here, you may have heard about a storm that passed through the Casa Grande area yesterday.  We had enough blowing dust to call in a little mini haboob (certainly not a threat by any means) but we did have some wonderful rain!  We had at least 20 minutes of beautiful rain...enough so that it created a couple puddles in the street!  It's the first time in months and months that we've even seen clouds much less real rain so we were thankful.

We rode all through the resort this morning looking for any sign of wind damage but saw none at all...which is a good thing, of course.  All we found was someone's house with a split sprinkler hose that was spraying all over the place so we reported it to maintenance since it wasn't one of our houses.  Thus we can say it was a lovely storm with no aftermath.

Mornings are still awesome and we gather on the patio for morning coffee with whatever neighbors or dog walkers that happen by.  We're happy.

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