Sunday, May 20, 2012


Good Morning Readers--

Sunday is our day housewatch duties on Sundays so I slept in until 8:00 this morning which is very unusual.  It is daylight here by 5:15 so we like to get up early and enjoy the beautiful cool mornings outdoors while we can.  The golfers that are still here love these mornings of free golf.  By 8:00 they're done with their round and are back inside to enjoy the air conditioning as the thermometer has inched its way to upper 80s by then.  The 80s don't sound too hot but the sun is intense.  Shade is always a welcomed relief.

So far there are no real signs of new construction around the park.  There's lots of maintenance projects digging up all the sprinkler connections to clean them out, sandblasting and repainting all the bridge railings, lots of pruning and trimming the landscaping, fertilizing the course, and the never ending job of attacking the weeds that insist on growing in our acres of gravel, etc.  The outside contractors are all busy for individual homeowners.....putting in new patios or pavers, or building sheds, painting homes, etc. but these stories don't make for interesting blog articles so I haven't had much to write about lately. 

You'll have to settle for quiet news like this little family of ducks that spend their days on our ponds.....

Of course, there are always photos of the beautiful cactus blossoms but Don says I post too many of them.  Sorry Don....but they never get boring to me as I think they're a beautiful mystery of nature.  How such a plain jane cactus can create such beautiful flowers is always a lovely surprise.  Leroy and Barb Weaver over on Oasis have the cream of the crop.  When this plant blooms, it is indeed a champion.  Just look at the delicate array of color in these blossoms. 

 You folks have a nice day!


  1. Keep the cactus pictures coming. I too wonder at their beauty and can't get enough of them. Love your blog!!

  2. Awesome....someone actually took the trouble of posting a comment. Thank you! Sue Hepler

  3. Those are beautiful! Any idea what kind of cactus that is?


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