Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day

Hello Readers!  We have had some lovely pleasant weather for the past week or so with highs only in the 80s and some nice breeze.  We tried to soak in all the cool temps we could. 
We had a very nice Memorial Day dinner yesterday including good old American apple pie and ice cream. 

Ed Brown and Jim Gaines grilled some terrific pork steaks for us.

Our usual summer gang of volunteers were busy in the kitchen.

but we always take a few minutes to have some fun.

There were 46 residents for the meal. 

If we had been giving out prizes, I think Ann Lykens would have won the award for the most decorative sandals.  :)

Say hello to two of the cutest baby roadrunners I have ever seen.  Actually, these are the only baby roadrunners I've ever seen because they're very aloof and hide their nest well.  It will be fun watching their progress.

Sandy Morin spotted a clutch of eggs over on the 15th fairway.  She was concerned because they're out in the open and may get mowed.  Don and I drove over to take a look but by then Mama duck was back on duty.  She certainly picked a wide open space for her nest!

Mama Dove must be a good flier if she can build a nest in a picky cactus plant like this. 

Our water volleyball addicts are still having summer fun.

And.....to end this post....another beautiful cactus blossom.  This one has soft yellow streaks in the petals.

Hope you all had a safe and happy holiday!
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