Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pickleball News

I received an email from Rosemary Reese this morning regarding some Pickleball news......which led me to read the Pickleball blog.  Be sure to check out Rosemary's blog for some fun news.  Just click on this link: 

To Promote our New Courts, Palm Creek has developed  a New Program.
If you refer a first time guest or bring an old friend back (someone who has not stayed at Palm Creek since 2010), Guest will receive $150 per month discount up to $450 for a 3 month Stay.  You will receive $100 per month - up to $300.  The Pickleball Club will receive $50 a month up to a $150.
Note: The above is how the plan will work (not what is printed on the coupon)

A link has been put on the Blog Menu for your future convenience

Rosemary Reese
Club Secretary, USAPA Ambassador, Blog editor:

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