Saturday, May 26, 2012

Friday, May 26

I HAD to take a picture of my thermometer this morning as it shows a very RARE occurence for this late in May.  It is actually cooler outside than it is inside right now!  Awesome!  Every window in the house is open to enjoy the fresh cool early morning breeze.  The weatherman claims this is a cold front coming through.  I want to soak up every bit of cool weather we can for the months ahead.

As I headed off to the Palm Creek breakfast yesterday, I saw Fernando and crew busy installing a paver walkway over by the shuffleboard courts.  This will be helpful in keeping pedestrians off the busy street when they head down this road.

As I neared the club house, I saw the maintenance crews out at early morning chores.  How great it is to enjoy our two big pools when someone else gets to clean them and test the water daily.  Thank you guys!

Here are some of our eager beaver volunteers prepping a delicious morning breakfast for everyone.  I highly recommend volunteering for events while you are here.  There is something for everyone to do and it makes for some fun times as you get to meet more people and feel a part of the team.

All the Palm Creek employees were our invited guests.

Martha Stewart and Betty Crocker (aka Diane and Linda) cooked up a delicious breakfast casserole.  Actually we had two casseroles and they were GREAT with the fresh fruit and a big muffin.

We had 45 residents present.

All the palm trees are getting ready for their annual blossoms.  Did you know that palm trees blossom in the summer?  First they send out these long spindley arms which slowly split open into a huge abundance of pretty white flowers.  I'll post more photos in a week or so when they're in bloom.

Here's Faustino up along the wall trimming back the oleanders.  That's quite a heavy hedge trimmer he has and I bet its hard to reach way across these big bushes. 

Elsewhere in the park, the palm tree bark gets trimmed up again. 

There are so many different kinds of palms!  Many of the species look alike as you walk past, but each sends out different kinds of blossoms and fruits.  I'm always fascinated by the vegetation variety Arizona offers us.

Avis Gray sent me some photos of a roadrunner nest she found here in the park.  I had to laugh at the location as it is made possible only by the installation of the dove deterrants the homeowners had installed. 
Here's Mom and Dad both busy building the nest.

It is almost noon now and it is still a glorious 81 degrees outside so I must hurry out to enjoy the fresh breeze.  Have a great day!
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