Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Post

You must go to see the Desert Dwellers presentations!  Phil is an amazing speaker!  He can even talk faster than me!  I talked with him briefly at the Welcome Back party on Saturday and told him how impressed I was that he could pack so much interesting information into a very entertaining presentation.  He laughed and said he calls it “Edutainment”.  He has even been approached by Nickelodeon to give presentations to their young audiences.  He reminds me somewhat of the Crocodile Hunter – Steve Irwin.

phil desert speaker

There are two more presentations coming up so get your tickets before they’re all sold out.  The next show on January 17 will feature the critters of the desert and he promises to have some live specimens.  Phil is also the one who leads and sponsors the tours into the Grand Canyon.  See his website at:

phil desert speaker

You may have already met Phil’s friend “Stumpy”.

stumpy welcome back

We had perfect weather for the big Welcome Back bash on Saturday.  Thousands of people were present to get their free hot dogs and ice cream.  Had to laugh though when we saw that by far the longest line was always in front of the beer tent.

beer line welcome back

Zumba dancers entertained us.


Just about every club and organization had a table set up to greet passersby and tell them about the fun and activities available.  I was busy working at the Computer Club table most of the time so didn’t get too many pictures but I did want to feature our Urban Miners (the recycle team) as they are the ones who crush all those cans and turn them into cash. 


I hope everyone stopped the Chick-fil-A cow and thanked them for all those free breakfasts we enjoyed at their restaurant.

chick filet welcome back

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